A Letter to my Future self

Dear Future Me,

I hope in five years I’ve accomplished all the things I say I want to as of right now. Writing this letter, in my living room on winter break, has me thinking five years is far away, so why am I writing this?

I’m writing this letter to tell my future self that anything can happen within these five years, and to just go after my goals one at a time. If nothing is accomplished by then, I won’t have regret and sorrows about it. I know that I tried, and still am, fighting for what I want in the world and to be successful is going to be hard. By then, I’ll be 26 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, with a minor in Communications and Media Studies. I hope to be working at Victoria’s Secret Headquarters or office running their social media. If not Victoria’s Secret, then MTV working as their Marketing Manager.

I’ve always seen myself still going to concerts in the near future, and hoping to work with some artists by then too. I see myself as the type of person to run an artists social media when it comes to promoting, or recording their performances at their own headlining tour for the fans. Working almost 24/7 with either social media or marketing/advertising for some company, or an artist, is a realistic goal for myself. I see any of these goals coming true with hard work and dedication to get the job I want.

Finishing up this letter, I just want my future self in five years to be happy, and to not let anything get to me. Realizing there’s more to life than holding grudges or regrets in life. Hopefully, to be still focusing on myself and goals for the perfect career choice, and to be happy doing it. Hoping to the friends and family I still have in five years, and to the love I may/might have found.

Here’s to five years, and wishing everything is what I wanted it to be, or to what it will become.




Hello 2019

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years Eve and New Years! I know I did, and this is post is going to break down how I spent the last day of 2018!

My friend and I headed to Boston for the last day of 2018, and we stayed in downtown Boston at the Found Hotel. We walked around after checking in with the hotel, and got Shake Shack on Newbury Street. We shopped a little as well, and then decided to go back and get ready for our New Year’s Eve plans. Once we got back into our room and started getting ready, we ordered Nicole’s pizza in Boston to have for when we got back later that night.

When we finished getting ready, we took some selfies of course, and got ready to head out around 8pm. It was raining a little a bit outside, nothing too major, but walkable to the train station weather. The weather had changed when we arrived at our stop, Dean road in Brighton, to go to my co workers party. It was down pouring and we were, I guess you could say soaked, arriving at her party. Drying off we had some drinks, and talked with everyone there having a nice time. More people started to arrive, and the room got smaller with everyone coming in and dancing in the living room area.

The clock was ticking down to the last hour of 2018, and people were buzzed off Champagne and beer, but excited to ring in the New Year. Once the clock struck midnight, and the ball dropped in Times Square, NYC, everyone started cheering and saying “Happy New Year.” The confetti poppers went out, selfies were being taken, and high fives were going all around the room. I can say it was an interesting end of 2018 and start of 2019, but I’m glad I’ll have those memories to look back on!

Can’t wait to see what this New Year brings!


Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts, but I’m starting to get back into writing more and updating my blog. I wanted to post about recent events like going to the Big E, seeing Marc E Bassy, and more events to come! For this post, I’ll talk about how my Halloween went from attending the Red Sox World Series parade to my managers Halloween gathering/party.

As many of you know, the Boston Red Sox won the World Series against the LA Dodgers. They came back home to Boston and celebrated with fans. They tour the city in the Boston Duck boats with all the players and coaches showing off the trophy. My friends and I celebrated that morning/mid afternoon by attending the parade and cheering on the players. It was such a fun time seeing so many people dressed in Red Sox attire and singing along to Sweet Caroline, Dirty Water and just screaming for the players attentions. Also seeing the trophy was amazing, all nine of them that is.

After the parade was over, I headed back to my school to get ready for the rest of my Halloween evening. I was dressing up as a witch, and meeting up with my friend to head to my managers Halloween/Wedding party. My friend had dressed up as a wizard, and my co workers were dressed up as cats or famous celebrities. Once we got to my managers house, I took her gifts inside and was shocked by how her house was completely all decorated for this holiday, not knowing it stays up all year round. She’s so in love with Halloween that each year her and her husband go all out and decorate the outside of their house for this contest her neighborhood hosts. Everyone knows how much I love Halloween, so seeing her house all decorated inside and outside was just so fascinating for me!


Stay tuned for my next post!

Come Back to Earth

1MacMiller-Press-Photo-Credit-Brick-StowellHi guys! For this blog post, I wanted to dedicate it as a letter to Mac Miller. Most of you may have heard of him from being a rapper, or from his tv show Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family. He recently passed away on September 7th, and it has not only touched me, but everyone else who knew and loved him. I’m adding a link to a music video of his below because it is one of my favorites. It shows him as a young child to him as a grown up pursuing his dream of music. It makes me smile knowing he accomplished that, and it made millions of others go after their dreams. 

Mac Miller Best Day Ever

Dear Malcolm,

Where do I even begin? Your music has made an impact on not only my life, but tons of other people in this world as well. I remember first listening to your music back when I was in eighth grade, now I’m a junior in college. When I was in eighth grade, I would always jam out to Donald Trump or Party On Fifth Ave while doing homework. Now I listen to your latest album Swimming getting ready for work or class. I can’t explain how thankful I am for the music you’ve created, for the passion you’ve put into every song, and for being yourself. I will always continue to listen to your music while doing homework, getting ready for work, or my classes. It’s devastating for me knowing I’ll never see you perform live, but I got to witness you in this music industry. You were one of the main reasons I started listening to rap/hip hop music, and for my love interest of guys similar to your appearance. I’ll always want to pursue working with music artists like you, and hopefully I can accomplish that one day.

Like you said in Best Day Ever,

“No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile

Pursuit to be happy, only laughing like a child.”

I hope you know the impact you’ve made on millions of people and continue to do so. With that being said, rest in peace Mac Miller.


      Your fan, Victoria.

Quick Food Review

For this post, I wanted to talk about the places my friends and I ate at during our trip before the G-Eazy concerts. The first place we went to was Blaze Pizza, which is in the downtown Allston/Boston area. I did a build your own pizza, and I chose vegan cheese with pineapple and chicken. I got vegan cheese because I’ve come to a realization early this summer that I can’t have dairy, so it’s been a challenge taking dairy out of my diet. After we finished with Blaze, we went and had some dairy free ice cream at this place called Fomu. It’s located down the road from Blaze in Allston, and has baked goods that are dairy free as well. The next day before the Connecticut show, we went and had Playa Bowls. The first time I ever had Playa was in New Jersey, this time we tried the one in Fairfield. It’s this vegan, gluten and dairy free fruit bowls. Their bowls include either acai, pitaya, green or coconut bases. Unlimited choices of toppings for your kind of bowl choice. I had the Nutella acai bowl. It is an acai base bowl with granola, strawberries and blueberries, and topped with nutella dressing. I hope to share more food reviews on the places where my friends and I eat at in the future!

Off in that Endless Summer…

Hi everyone! Since I’m seeing G-Eazy again on his new Endless Summer Tour this weekend, I wanted to talk about how the first tour went. I’ve mentioned before that I’ll be doing reviews on concerts I go to or have gone to in the past, and for this post I want to recap the first Endless Summer Tour back in 2016. August 3rd 2016, was the day of the Mansfield show in Massachusetts, where my friends and I had attended. I won this contest where I got free front row tickets and two VIP passes to meet G-Eazy. Meeting him was something I always wanted to do, and getting too talk to him face to face for a few minutes was everything. He was so sweet and genuine during the whole experience. After the meet and greet, my friends and I ended up being barricade and got a nice front row view for the whole show. From singing almost every word to all the songs he had performed, and being on the big screen while doing so, it was definitely a fun concert that I’ll always remember. I’m so excited for the Endless Summer Tour part two, and the adventures that’ll come along with it. I can’t wait to share my Endless Summer part two experiences with you guys soon! 


Since you all know, I’m a fan of Hoodie Allen, so I wanted to throw it back to the first time I ever saw him live. In honor of seeing him several times this upcoming tour of his, Hanging With Hoodie, I’m doing this small TBT.

Back in 2015, when Boys of Zummer came to my city, I immediately got tickets to it. I was dying to see Hoodie live, so when I got my hands on PIT passes and his VIP package, I was so happy. I have been a fan of him since 2012, so being able to meet him for the first time that day was everything to me. June 20th was the day Boys of Zummer came to Bangor, and when everything changed for the better. I wouldn’t change anything about that day because meeting Hoodie has made my life so different. The VIP experience included some merchandise of his, a polaroid picture with him, and a regular Meet and Greet photo. After meeting Hoodie and seeing him live, I was just too excited and couldn’t wait to see him again. Meeting a celebrity you love and look up to is everything you could ever ask for. The lineup for the show was good, the backdrops were amazing, and just being in my hometown was perfect. That tour was definitely one for the books. Personally after that day, I’ve become a lot closer with Hoodie, and have met some incredible people who I call my best friends to this day all from liking his music. I can’t thank him enough for everything he does for his fans, and I can’t wait to see him on this upcoming tour in November.

P.S I’ll definitely have a post about this tour of his, so be ready!