Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts, but I’m starting to get back into writing more and updating my blog. I wanted to post about recent events like going to the Big E, seeing Marc E Bassy, and more events to come! For this post, I’ll talk about how my Halloween went from attending the Red Sox World Series parade to my managers Halloween gathering/party.

As many of you know, the Boston Red Sox won the World Series against the LA Dodgers. They came back home to Boston and celebrated with fans. They tour the city in the Boston Duck boats with all the players and coaches showing off the trophy. My friends and I celebrated that morning/mid afternoon by attending the parade and cheering on the players. It was such a fun time seeing so many people dressed in Red Sox attire and singing along to Sweet Caroline, Dirty Water and just screaming for the players attentions. Also seeing the trophy was amazing, all nine of them that is.

After the parade was over, I headed back to my school to get ready for the rest of my Halloween evening. I was dressing up as a witch, and meeting up with my friend to head to my managers Halloween/Wedding party. My friend had dressed up as a wizard, and my co workers were dressed up as cats or famous celebrities. Once we got to my managers house, I took her gifts inside and was shocked by how her house was completely all decorated for this holiday, not knowing it stays up all year round. She’s so in love with Halloween that each year her and her husband go all out and decorate the outside of their house for this contest her neighborhood hosts. Everyone knows how much I love Halloween, so seeing her house all decorated inside and outside was just so fascinating for me!


Stay tuned for my next post!



How Working with multiple Artists landed Maxwell a lifetime Profession

A lot of people might wonder what their dream job would be like, or what their dream career would even be. That’s why I decided to interview someone a little outside of my community, but someone who’s in the same career field as I want to be. I know this person from him having worked with one of my favorite artists, and I actually look up to him as a career mentor in a way.

His name is Maxwell Zotz and he grew up in Scituate Massachusetts. Heading into high school and then college, where he attended Bandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts. He thought he was going to be either a lawyer or politician. When he realized he had an entrepreneurial mindset, and wanted to support that through his education, he graduated with a double major in International & Global Studies Communications and Business. Leading up to where Maxwell is now, it had all started during his freshman year. During freshman year, he started interning for rapper Lil Jon, which was an opportunity overseeing his Crunk Juice energy drink. That had sparked his interests in the business side of music, and from there he met people who have inspired him to where he is now. Mentor Wale, and artist Mike Posner’s manager Dan Weisman, have pushed him into the Artist Management field.

Over the past 8 years, Maxwell has managed musicians in different capacities, founded a tech start-up and a media company, tour produced a few arena tours, and consulted for a major label, television network VR company and e-commerce website. In those 8 years Maxwell has worked with a lot of different musicians for example, he’s produced tours for Kendrick Lamar, Logic, Steve Aoki, Krewella, Chance The Rapper, Rae Sremmurd. Managed the career of my favorite artist Sammy Adams, tour managed and management consulted for Jazz Cartier and Mike Stud. As well as done brand partnerships with Brantley Gilbert, Matt Kearny, Gavin Degraw, Granger Smith, High Valley and many more. On top of currently developing the music acts Farrow, Aziz The Shake and Checo.

Getting to where Maxwell is now in his career, he is the Director of Artist Relations at Music Audience Exchange. Maxwell works with brands that want to align with emerging and break-through artist who have a brand affinity for their respective product or company. He explains “we at Music Audience Exchange (MAX) are not only delivering hundreds of brand partnership campaigns to emerging and break-through artists, but also educating the market on the opportunities and benefits of aligning with a brand, while streamlining the overall process.” Maxwell also states that with a MAX campaign, “we are often pairing an artist rate (for their time on camera and overall likeness), a licensing/publishing rate (for the use of a song-ideally their new single) and then a level of media engagement and impressions (i.e. 5 million impressions w/10% fan engagement) to create a well rounded, drastically more beneficial campaign, that attempts to form a true partnership between the brand and the musician.” Of course all jobs have a stressful side to them, and Maxwell briefly mentions a few he has encountered, but there’s also a rewarding side to the job. He speaks on educating emerging and break-through artists on the power and value of brand partnerships, and how they are satisfying to him. As well as it slowly sets the landscape for the brand partnership space in music they’re looking to create.

To wrap up the interview, I asked Maxwell the advice he would give to someone pursuing the same career as him, and how his job has impacted his life today. His advice was “make sure your passion is in line with what you are good at.” He then states, “I am creative and an extrovert, that is I am able to create ideas and network to turn them into reality.” How his career has impacted his life today, he answered by saying, “I like to believe I am as diverse as it gets in terms of my experience in the music space, which helped me land my current role in brand partnerships.”


Come Back to Earth

1MacMiller-Press-Photo-Credit-Brick-StowellHi guys! For this blog post, I wanted to dedicate it as a letter to Mac Miller. Most of you may have heard of him from being a rapper, or from his tv show Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family. He recently passed away on September 7th, and it has not only touched me, but everyone else who knew and loved him. I’m adding a link to a music video of his below because it is one of my favorites. It shows him as a young child to him as a grown up pursuing his dream of music. It makes me smile knowing he accomplished that, and it made millions of others go after their dreams. 

Mac Miller Best Day Ever

Dear Malcolm,

Where do I even begin? Your music has made an impact on not only my life, but tons of other people in this world as well. I remember first listening to your music back when I was in eighth grade, now I’m a junior in college. When I was in eighth grade, I would always jam out to Donald Trump or Party On Fifth Ave while doing homework. Now I listen to your latest album Swimming getting ready for work or class. I can’t explain how thankful I am for the music you’ve created, for the passion you’ve put into every song, and for being yourself. I will always continue to listen to your music while doing homework, getting ready for work, or my classes. It’s devastating for me knowing I’ll never see you perform live, but I got to witness you in this music industry. You were one of the main reasons I started listening to rap/hip hop music, and for my love interest of guys similar to your appearance. I’ll always want to pursue working with music artists like you, and hopefully I can accomplish that one day.

Like you said in Best Day Ever,

“No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile

Pursuit to be happy, only laughing like a child.”

I hope you know the impact you’ve made on millions of people and continue to do so. With that being said, rest in peace Mac Miller.


      Your fan, Victoria.

Quick Food Review

For this post, I wanted to talk about the places my friends and I ate at during our trip before the G-Eazy concerts. The first place we went to was Blaze Pizza, which is in the downtown Allston/Boston area. I did a build your own pizza, and I chose vegan cheese with pineapple and chicken. I got vegan cheese because I’ve come to a realization early this summer that I can’t have dairy, so it’s been a challenge taking dairy out of my diet. After we finished with Blaze, we went and had some dairy free ice cream at this place called Fomu. It’s located down the road from Blaze in Allston, and has baked goods that are dairy free as well. The next day before the Connecticut show, we went and had Playa Bowls. The first time I ever had Playa was in New Jersey, this time we tried the one in Fairfield. It’s this vegan, gluten and dairy free fruit bowls. Their bowls include either acai, pitaya, green or coconut bases. Unlimited choices of toppings for your kind of bowl choice. I had the Nutella acai bowl. It is an acai base bowl with granola, strawberries and blueberries, and topped with nutella dressing. I hope to share more food reviews on the places where my friends and I eat at in the future!

Endless Summer Tour Round 2

Hello everyone! I stated in the last post I would be seeing G-Eazy in the upcoming weekend and would want to share my experiences, so here it is! Endless Summer Tour part two!

My friends and I saw G-Eazy in Hartford, Connecticut on August 25th, and August 26th in Mansfield, Massachusetts. We had lawn for the Connecticut show and had a fun time chilling in the back just singing along and dancing. The Connecticut show was at the Xfinity Theatre, and it was probably one of my favorite venues. Everything just seemed set up nice and organized for the workers/artists. There were merchandise booths inside and outside the venue for the fans to purchase from. At that show, I actually met G-Eazy’s brother James, outside and got a few pictures with him before the show. 

For the Massachusetts show, we had pit tickets and this fast lane entry, which lets you inside before general admission. Once we were inside, we looked around to see where the merchandise tables were, and what they were giving away or selling. We ended up taking some beaded necklaces from this lady at a booth giving them away, and headed inside to the pit. We hung around in the back of the pit, so we could dance and sing while not bumping into other people. Once the show started and G-Eazy came on, it was like a whole other world. Opening the show with Pray for Me, and then singing some songs off older albums and the latest album, it was definitely an amazing show. Some of his crew and opening act crew members, chilled in the back next to us while enjoying the show. His brother James was behind my friends and I, dancing and trying to enjoy his brothers set, until girls were coming up to him asking for pictures. I always love hearing G-Eazy talk about how Boston is one of his favorite places to perform at, and how incredible it is for him to be playing at big venues like the Xfinity Center. I can definitely say that I’m excited for the next time my friends and I see G-Eazy, whether it’s another Endless Summer tour or his own album tour. We’ll be there! 

Off in that Endless Summer…

Hi everyone! Since I’m seeing G-Eazy again on his new Endless Summer Tour this weekend, I wanted to talk about how the first tour went. I’ve mentioned before that I’ll be doing reviews on concerts I go to or have gone to in the past, and for this post I want to recap the first Endless Summer Tour back in 2016. August 3rd 2016, was the day of the Mansfield show in Massachusetts, where my friends and I had attended. I won this contest where I got free front row tickets and two VIP passes to meet G-Eazy. Meeting him was something I always wanted to do, and getting too talk to him face to face for a few minutes was everything. He was so sweet and genuine during the whole experience. After the meet and greet, my friends and I ended up being barricade and got a nice front row view for the whole show. From singing almost every word to all the songs he had performed, and being on the big screen while doing so, it was definitely a fun concert that I’ll always remember. I’m so excited for the Endless Summer Tour part two, and the adventures that’ll come along with it. I can’t wait to share my Endless Summer part two experiences with you guys soon! 

August 12th 2018

For the last adventure, we went to Bagel Central in downtown Bangor for an early brunch. They are famous for their bagels and choices of toppings, but they also sell other breakfast foods, and they even serve lunch too. Of course, I had an iced coffee and a bagel sandwich, while she had a bagel and omelette. It was a very busy place, but good food and service. Stephen King’s house was the plan after eating. She’s never been there before, and I wanted to show her his house and to show her what the hype about it really was. We went bowling for the next little tourist attraction at the Sports Arena in Hermon. She beat me with a score of fifty five to seventy two. After that we headed to Fort Knox in Bucksport to show her the history of the Fort. The Fort has been around since 1844, and was used in the American Revolution, as well as the War of 1812. It also has a tale of being haunted and is said that soldiers roam the grounds at night, as if they were still in battle. When we finished up the tour there we went to Treworgy Farms in Levant to feed the goats.

Finishing up the adventure we went to a restaurant called Governors. Governors is only a Maine based restaurant. Again, I had a BLT while she enjoyed the shepherd’s pie and poutine. After finishing dinner, we headed back towards my house so she could pack up and head back home to Massachusetts. It was a fun weekend adventure, even if the weather wasn’t as nice as we hoped. I know there’ll be more adventures in the future, so stay tuned for those!